WSOP 2013 No-Limit Hold’em Event #30 won by Chris Dombrowski

June 19, 2013 in 2013 WSOP news

WSOP 2013 No-Limit Hold'em Event #30 won by Chris DombrowskiChris Dombrowski was the winner of WSOP 2013 No-Limit Hold’em Event #30 after battling through a field of 2,108 players and won the
$346,332 prize and the gold bracelet.

When we got to the final 13 players Dombrowski was third in chips. Thomas Miller, Thien Le and Ryan Riess were eliminated in the
first 30 minutes and Ben Greenberg followed them half an hour later.On the final table of WSOP 2013 No-Limit Hold’em Event #30, Jonathan Thompson was the first to go in 9th place and was followed by Mike Pickett in 8th and Matt Seer in 7th place. An hour later Chris Bolek left in 6th place and couple hours later Carter Myers was eliminated 5th.Dimitar Yosifov was left in 4th place and Jesse McEuen after seeing the flush on the river of Dombrowski railed in 3rd place.

In heads-up play Dombrowski never gave up the lead. At the final hand Moore made a move with K-6 and was behind Dombrowski who had A-7. The board came up with an ace giving Dombrowski the victory and leaving Moore in 2nd place with the $215,578 second place prize.

WSOP 2013 No-Limit Hold’em Event #30 Results

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Place Name Prize
1 Chris Dombrowski $346,332
2 Mathew Moore $215,578
3 Jesse McEuen $149,850
4 Dimitar Yosifov $107,922
5 Carter Myers $78,876
6 Chris Bolek $58,348
7 Matt Seer $43,730
8 Mike Pickett $33,191
9 Jonathan Thompson $25,448


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