WSOP 2013 No-Limit Hold’em Event #18 won by Taylor Paur

June 13, 2013 in 2013 WSOP news

WSOP 2013 No-Limit Hold’em Event #18 won by Taylor PaurTaylor Paur was the winner of No-Limit Hold’em Event #18 taking home $340,260 and his first WSOP bracelet. Day started with 14 players and even thought Paul was the chip leader all eyes were on Phil Ivey who was eliminated before he got to the final table. Nick Colbrese, Adam Sanders, Robert Deppe and James Epner were the others that left the event.

Final table started with Paur being again the chip leader and after 13 hands he knocked out Ryan Austin and Kyle Cartwrigh in 9th and 8th place. Daniel Idema was next to go on 7th place and Phillip Hui followed him on sixth place. DJ MacKinnon went all in with kings against Paur’s aces and he finished in fifth place. Alex Barlow followed him later and was left with fourth place.

On the final three of No-Limit Hold’em Event #18 Paur was raising and re-raising on every hand since he had a significant chip lead, 5,000,000 over 745,000 of Roy Weiss and 475,00 of Tai Nguyen, leaving them with no other choice but to go all in. When Nguyden did that, he lost and left the event on third place.

In heads-up play after some lucky cards that Weiss had caught he got the chip lead, only for a while thought. Before players went to dinner Paur got the lead back and watched Weiss move all in after every hand. This gave him the lead back but after another all in of Paur the lead changed again.

In the final hand Weiss went all in with K-8 suited and Paur with A-5 called. Flop came with K-6-A and on turn we had another A which gave Paur three aces, but there were four clubs on the table and Weiss was waiting for a flush draw on the river. That never happened. It came with Q heart giving Paur the victory and his first bracelet.

Below are the final rankings

Place Player Prize (USD)
1 Taylor Paur $340,260
2 Roy Weiss $211,794
3 Tai Nguyen $147,220
4 Alexander Barlow $106,027
5 DJ MacKinnon $77,491
6 Phillip Hui $57,324
7 Daniel Idema $42,962
8 Ryan Austin $32,608
9 Kyle Cartwright $25,041


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