WSOP 2013 Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Championship Event #51 won by Kristen Bicknell

July 2, 2013 in 2013 WSOP news

Ladies No-Limit Hold'em Championship winner Kristen Bicknell Kristen Bicknell won the Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Championship after five hours of play and got her first white gold bracelet. Kristen got the $173,922 first place prize for her effort and gave Canada their 10th bracelet.

The first elimination at the final table was that of Cindy Kerslake at 9th place. Connie Bruce followed her in 8th place after losing to A-k of Chris Priday. Amanda Baker, Eleanor Gudger, Connie Bruce and Shana Matthews left the event a little later after about 25 hands leaving the event with three players.

Julie Monsacre was sort stacked and couldn’t make it to heads-up play. She put the rest of her stack with K-9 against Kristen Bicknell’s A-5. The board was A-2-10-J and Julie was waiting for a straight draw on the river. A three came and her dream ended in 3rd place and a $67,331 prize.

In heads-up play Bicknell with A-k suited raised to 40,000 and Haas with K-9 called. The flop came with 3-8-K and Haas checked and Bicknell made a 50,000 bet which was called by Haas. A J came on the turn and Haas again checked to see Bicknell bet another 130,000. Haas raised to 280,000 and Bicknell called. The river came with a 7 and Haas moved all in. Bicknell called and showed the Ace kicker that won the event. Haas got a $107,616 prize for her 2nd place, not bad for her first WSOP cash.

Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Championship Results

Place Name Prize 
1 Kristen Bicknell $173,922
2 Leanne Haas $107,616
3 Julie Monsacre $67,331
4 Shana Matthews $48,871
5 Connie Bruce $36,078
6 Eleanor Gudger $27,045
7 Amanda Baker $20,572
8 Chris Priday $15,858
9 Cindy Kerslake $12,389


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