WSOP 2013 Heads Up No-Limit Hold’em Event #16 won by Mark Radoja

June 11, 2013 in 2013 WSOP news

WSOP 2013 Heads Up No-Limit Hold'em Event #16 won by Mark RadojaMark Radoja was the winner of Heads up No-Limit Hold’em Event #16, one of the most interesting events of the tournament. His achievement gave him the gold bracelet and a prize of $331,190. Four players made to the third day. The unknown Don Nguyen vs Ben Sulsky. At the same time Radoja played against Justin Bonomo.

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On the first battle Nguyen from the button raised to 60,000, Sulsky three-bet to 145,000 and then Nguyen again raised to 800,000. Sulsky moved all in for 935,000 and he was called. Salsky with A-J was ahead of Nguyen’s 8-2. Board however came with K-9-7-J-10 giving Nguyen a straight and the win.

On the other semifinal Bonomo was winning most of the small pots as he was playing aggressive but Radoja was holding on. On the final hand Bonomo moved from the button holding J-7 suited and Radoja called. When the ace came in the flop it was the end for Bonome who was left with $110,485.

Half an hour lated Radoja and Nguyen took their seats on the final table. Nguyen had an early lead and forced Radoja to cash in one of his add-on’s. Radoja with a short stack was shoving all in and managed to win the small pots. on Hand #85 of Heads Up No-Limit Hold’em Event #16 Nguyen moved all in from button with A-3 and Radoja called with K-9 suited. Flop came with J-6-5 and Nguyen was winning with Ace high. Nothing changed with the 4 on the river but in the turn the K gave the win to Radoja with a pair of kings and his second WSOP bracelet.

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