UKIPT Galway Festival High Roller: Sergio Aido wins

August 9, 2013 in Poker News, UKIPT

UKIPT Galway Festival High RollerThe UKIPT Galway Festival High Roller has come to an end and the winner was Sergio Aido. He won the €24,450 first place prize after topping a field of 36 players.

The final day of six players began with Chris Day leading in chips with 250,200. Niall Farrell was first to go as his pocket sixes were no good against the pocket ten’s of Kyle Maguire.

Jan Przysucha moved all in from big blind with K-10 and was called by Aido with Q-Q. A 10 on the flop was no good for Jan that fell in 5th place and €4,890.

The chip leader of the final day left the event later at 4th place as he moved all in against Maguire with a pair of 9′s against a pair of 10′s. The board on the turn was 4-7-6-5 giving him some chance for a straight that never came.

The three remaining players battled for some hours until Dermon Blain with A-K lost to a pair of 2′s that Maguire had. Dermon couldn’t pair the board and was left with €11,870 and 3rd place.

In one of the best plays of the day,  Aido with A-K and Maquire with Q-10 went from raise to raise and finally all in on a board og 2-4-7-8-2. Aido with A high took a big lead and on the next hand he eliminated Maquire and left him in 2nd place.

UKIPT Galway Festival High Roller Results

Place Player Prize
1 Sergio Aido €24,450
2 Kyle Maguire €17,460
3 Dermot Blain €11,870
4 Chris Day €6,980
5 Jan Przysucha €4,890
6 Niall Farrell €4,190


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