PokerStars App has been removed from Apple Store In Australia

July 18, 2013 in Poker News

PokerStars AppPokerStars App has been removed from Apple Store after the request of the Australian government. PokerStars App was available for download since May 2012 but it was removed on Saturday, allthough players can still access the company web site and play poker online.

PokerStars made the following statement to it’s players. “Your local authorities are the best point of call for information. As far as we know it’s a ‘clamp down’ on mobile gaming.”

The Interactive Gambling Act in Australia which was founded in 2001 has banned most forms of online poker and gambling, but still allows sports betting and lotteries.

A member of the poker community who doesn’t want to be named said “They’re better off giving Australian licences to the top companies and regulating and taxing online gambling. Nobody’s been prosecuted under the current Act and you can go online and play in Australia so it’s very contradictory.”

What is worthy of mention is that the app is still available for download via Google play store.