Poker Table Position

Poker Table Position

Poker table position is one of the factors that have an influence on your game. A lot of new players don’t give the attention they should, resulting in making bad choices during a hand and losing money.

There are three positions that are relative to the button.

  • Early Position: The seats nearest to the left of the button.
  • Late Position: The seats nearest to the right of the button.
  • Middle Position: The seats between early position and late position.

Early Position

When in early position you should play less the cards that you can. Only use the best starting hands and play tighter. You should do this because you are among the first players to act and you have no clue of what others players have. You also have the risk to be raised with a hand that is not good and loose the money that you already called.

Late Position

When in late position you can play looser and more aggressive. You can start playing more hands because you are among the last players to act on the hand but with caution. If the players before you just called the blind and you have a hand like K-7 you can see the blind but if there are some raises before you reconsider it.

Middle Position

You still have to be careful in a middle position. You could play more hands than in early position but you have to see how the game goes. If all players before you folded that means you are first to act and still have players after you.

Below are some other terms regarding poker table position that you should know of.

  • Play in Position: Play In position means that you act after a player and you have information on him. For example if he checks probably he is weak.
  • The cut off: The position before the button. The best position that you can be in including the button, especially for stealing blinds.

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