Online poker table selection

Online poker table selection

Online poker table selection is one of the important things when it comes down to maximizing your profits. It is not always easy to play better than your opponents. A lot of times you will come across players that play poker longer than you and are more experienced. Sure you can get to their level but what about now? Do you want to play with them? The answer is below.

No, it is better if you play with players that are worse than you. It is very simple if you want to make money. Try to play always with players worse than you.

How do you achieve that?

There are two important factors when considering online poker table selection. The first one is Avg Pot, and the other one is Plrs / Flop.

Avg Pot:

Comes from average pot and shows what the average pot for each hand on the table is. It is obvious here that we want to search for bigger pots so that we can maximize our earnings when winning a pot. Be careful thought. Large pots are not always good. You can win large pots but you can also lose large ones. Remember to play correct and don’t play very loose.

Plrs / Flop:

These one shows how many players are active on every flop on average. More specific if you see a large number here it means that players on that table are very loose and they open with a lot of cards, so probably they are not good poker players. On the other hand, low number means that players are tight and thus are playing good so you want to avoid that table.

You can take both factors into consideration when you want to choose an online poker table. For example a table with high Avg Pot and high Plrs / Flop numbers means that players are probably playing loose and open with a lot of combinations. These are the tables that you want to play at. If you play tight and open with the starting hands that we propose at Top Texas Hold’em starting hands, the changes for you winning large pots will increase. There is no point in trying to bluff in such rooms because they will most probably call you.

"Online poker table selection tip. "

Most rooms have an option for you to search for players. When you do find bad players you can take a note on them and search to see on which table they sit next time you decide to play. It will be better if you have a player that you know on your table which is also bad.

If you haven’t decided on which room to go take a look at our Best Online Poker Rooms and choose the room that you prefer.

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