Most players approach tournaments the wrong way

August 29, 2013 in Poker News

Most players approach tournaments the wrong wayDavid Chicotsky says in one of his interviews that most players approach tournaments the wrong way. They don’t realize that in order to keep up with the increasing of the blinds, they eventually get forced to playing their cards.

David mentions that the key in Tournaments is stilling blinds and antes. It is a lot different than cash games where you can seat all night and wait for premium hands. Tournaments require playing more cards.

“Some of the easiest and most obvious spots to steal from are on or around the button” goes David and continues, “Make sure you’re also going out of your way to re-steal from people raising in stealing position. It’s not enough to simply call from the big blind and hope you hit your hand.”

The right thing to do is look for reasons to play against tight and loose players. Loose players to the right can be exploited and so can the tight players on the left of us. One thing is sure; no one will give us his money. We have to go after their chips and never be afraid of open / raising.

David mentions a lot of things on his interview. In one of those he describes how to defend weak players that are spotted and raised by loose players. He says that we must be able to spot these kinds of situations next time we seat at a table and try to intervene.
David is the 2008 Online Player of the Year and a former #1 ranked online tournament poker player. He is also an experienced poker coach and can be reached at

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