How to play A-A and K-K before the flop

How to play A-A and K-K before the flop Here you will learn how to play A-A and K-K before the flop like the professional players do.

  • If you have a pair of Aces or Kings in an early position, you should just call the blind hoping that someone else would raise after you so that you can re-raise him. It’s a mistake to scare them by placing a large bet because most players will fold and they will also guess that you have e big pair.
  • In a middle position, if no one made a bet you should do the same thing again. If someone did bet you should go on and re-raise him with a small bet about the size of the pot. 
  • In a late position you should obviously raise and wait for someone to re-raise you. When he does that you of course re-raise him. If you have K-K there is one situation where you should throw your hand away. This is if you play with a player that calls and you know that he plays very tight, and only does that when he has two aces. This is the point where you should fold but you should first be sure that he has two aces.