Bankroll Management

Bankroll-ManagementBankroll Management

Bankroll Management is playing at certain limits to avoid losing all your money. This can happen due to bad luck, and no matter how good you are you can expect it to happen to you too.

Is it needed?

The answer is yes. If you play poker for a long time, you might observe that for a specific period you lose money. Not because you are not playing good but because you are out of luck. All players have their ups and downs but the good players know how to manage their bankroll and win the long run.

 General guidelines

For Pot limit and No limit poker your bankroll should be about 20 times of the full buy in. For limit poker you should have about 300 big bets. For Tournament games you should have at least 40 buy ins for the level that you want to play.

Note that these guidelines are very general and are mostly for beginners. For professional players it is another story, and they will need most of the times larger bankrolls as they have other expenses to take care of.

Another thing that can be taken into consideration is the style of play. If you play loose and enter with most hands, then you should have a larger bankroll and if you are tight you may have a smaller one.

Stop losing your money and learn to manage your own bankroll. You can start with the above guidelines but each player can have his own way of determining it once he gets the general concept.

If you are a new player go to our Best Online Poker Rooms page and select the one that you want to start playing. Remember to follow the above Bankroll management guidelines and if you are playing good, you are going to be a winner at the end.


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