Alexey Rybin is the WPT Merit Cyprus Champion

August 21, 2013 in Poker News, WPT, WPT Cyprus

Alexey Rybin is the WPT Merit Cyprus ChampionAlexey Rybin is the WPT Merit Cyprus Champion after defeating Albert Daher in heads up play. Alexey who since day 1A was the chip leader, continued as the leader until the final table and he tied the achievement of Kevin Saul at the Bellagio Cup back in 2008.

Pierre Sayegh was the first to go in 6th place. He entered the pot with A-9 clubs and got called by Albert Daher with pocket 7′s. The pair of 7′s held unitl the end and Pierre stayed 6th.

Daher lost a lot of chips on the 25th level of play against Rybachenko and in the same level of play Nikonov won almost every pot he entered and build a very nice stack of chips. A bit later he got in the first place in chips after winning in a six bet pot against Nikonov and Rybachecko.

Rybachenko with pocket k’s went in against A-K of Daher and when the flop came with an Ace he knew it was the end for him. The Russian finished 5th

On the 26th level of play Rubin who was short stacked for the first time won most of the chips from Tugrul with an A-K and a little later he eliminated him with a Q-J leaving him in 4th place.

Three handed play continued and the three players battled but we had no elimination on this level or the next level of play. Daher and Nikonov went side by side in chips and Rubin was behind. That was until an A-k came for Rubin who won a large pot from Daher that had A-5 and climbed up in chips again.

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In level 28th Nikonov went down after calling the All in that Rubin announced. Nikonov had A-J and Rubin A-Q. Nikonov didn’t improve and left in 3rd place.

Heads up play didn’t last long. Rybin went all-in on a already huge pot with A-K on a A-K-J-2 board of 3 diamonds and Daher made the call but when he show the hand of Rubin he threw away his cards. He was short stacked after that and lost a bit later with a K-9 from an A-5 of Rybin. An ace on the flop was enough to give Rybin the Victory and the $258,000 first place prize

WPT Merit Cyprus Payout

Place Player Prize
1 Alexey Rybin $258,000
2 Albert Daher $160,200
3 Andrei Nikonov $103,700
4 Kayhan Tugrul $75,600
5 Sergey Rybachenko $56,600
6 Pierre Sayegh $46,000


Source WPT.