Alan Gold won The UKIPT Galway Main Event

August 13, 2013 in Poker News, UKIPT

UKIPT Galway Main EventAlan Gold won the UKIPT Galway Main Event and won the €187,494 first place prize. Alan started the final table as the chip leader and he managed to stay to the top till the end. He won after 4 hours of play in one of the fastest final tables seen on UKIPT.

The first elimination on the final table was that of Jonathan Slater. He had 7-7 on a Q-10-7 board and had his chips in against Dimitri Pembroke who had Q-Q. A 7 never came and Jonathan left in 8th place.

Christy Morgan followed him later when he got in his money with a A-9 against Paul Febers’ A-10. The river gave a straight to Paul and Christy finished in 7th place.

Benjamin Spragg and Damian Porebski left later in 6th and 5th place leaving the event with 4 players. Davey and Pembroke were short stacked and tried to survive and eventuyally Pembroke couln’t make it to the end and left in 3rd place. Davey Left on the next hand loosing with K-J from a 10-10 against Gold. The board didn’t favor him and he left the other two players heads up.

There Febers opened with 160,00 from button and Gold called. The board came with Q-6-5. Febers had a pair of 9′s and Gold Q-J. Gold checked to see Feber betting another 160,000. Gold raised to 450,000 and Febers called. The turn came with another Q. Gold bet 450,000 and Febers called to see a K on the river. Gold moved all in and Febers called to see the set of Q’s that Gold had.

Febers left in 2nd place with €149,906 and Alan Gold was the big winner of the event.

UKIPT Galway Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Prize
1 Alan Gold €187,494
2 Paul Febers €149,906
3 Daragh Davey €80,400
4 Dimitri Pembroke €62,000
5 Damian Porebski €45,300
6 Benjamin Spragg €30,210
7 Christy Morkan €22,310
8 Jonathan Slater €16,500


Source: Pokernews